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Wusyaname Song Lyrics in English – Tyler, The Creator

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Wusyaname Song Full Lyrics

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The lyrics are given by Tyler and produced by Tyler. Wusyaname is a new English song sung by Tyler and also featuring this song.

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Wusyaname Full Song Details

Song NameWusyaname 
Lyrics WriterTyler
Music ProducerTyler

Wusyaname song lyrics in english – Tyler, The Creator 2021

In California
You Spend Most Of Your Life In Cars
Moving, Traveling
Searching For Somewhere To Land
I Don’t Mind Tip-Toeing
Across The Globe For Thrills
And Flying To Vienna
To See A Show At The Kunst Museum
Or Heading South To Race Dolphins On Jet Ski

But This Time I Ended Up In ***
Looking For This Brioche My Boy Told Me About
(What’s Your Name, What’s Your Name..)
That’s When I Met ‘She’

Something Real
Hold On Now, We Don’t Do That Back
Haha, My Pick Up Line And Shit
I Got Your B*Tch Moving
Call Me When You Get Lost

Aw, You Look Malnourished (My Way)
Let’s Get Some Bread
Fry The Egg Yolk And Drown It In Syrup
(Drown It In Syrup)
You Pick A Spot
I Pick A Tail Number And We Can Be Tourists
Let’s Go To Cannes And Watch A Couple
Indie Movies That You Never Heard Of (Baby)
Listen To Bands, Groove And We Dance
Disco In France, Smell Some Perfume
Head In The Wind (Head In The Wind)
We Can Switch Off
I Can Show You
How You Can Really Exfoliate Skin
If You Got A Man
You Should Cut Him Off
Get Your Passport
‘Cause We Running Off (Run Off)
We Can Sit And Talk
You Can Tell Me Everything That’s On Your Chest
Baby, Get It Off
You Are My Type, You A Bright Light
I’m Like A Moth, This Is Not A Game
(This Is Not A Game)
But Before We Start (Before I Say)

What’s Your Name, Girlfriend
What’s Your Name? (Check It Out)
(Oh, What’s Your Name?)
What’s Your Name, Girlfriend
What’s Your Name? (Tell Me)
What’s Your Name, Girlfriend
What’s Your Name? (Check It Out)
(Oh, What’s Your Name?)
What’s Your Name, Girlfriend
What’s Your Name? (Oh, Girl)

Some FAQ about Wusyaname Song

Who is the Producer Of “ Wusyaname ” Song?

Tyler has Produced the music video of the “ Wusyaname ” Song.

Who is the Singer Of “ Wusyaname ” Song ?

Tyler has sung the song “ Wusyaname “.

Who is the Writer or Lyricist Of “ Wusyaname ” Song ?

Tyler has written the lyrics of the “ Wusyaname ” Song.

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